Audi Sport: “WEC got too expensive”

Wolfgang Ullrich – that’s Dr Ullrich to you – spent 23 years at the sharp end of Audi’s motorsport division. The man practically turned Le Mans into his own personal playground, helping the team win 13 outright victories in the toughest endurance race of them all. All the more surprising then, when we found out last year that Audi was to cancel its WEC participation in favour of a move to the burgeoning Formula E series. A shock announcement indeed: consider that at the time, 2017’s LMP1 car was nearly complete, and contracts with drivers and so forth had already been signed… Officially, the move to the electric championship fits Audi’s strategy of its ever-expanding electric car range, and traditionally motorsport has always been the proving ground for road-going technology. Cynics might argue the VW Group’s diesel scandal played a part, too.