Audi teases Frankfurt Quattro concept

Audi has revealed a series of sketches of its latest concept car set for the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, and crikey, doesn't it look angry?

It's the Quattro Concept - though Audi isn't actually calling it that just yet - and is the successor to 2010's very lovely Paris Motor Show car, itself built as a homage to the original ur-Quattro of the 80s.

That car sat on a shortened version of the Audi RS5 (it had 15cm cut out of the wheelbase), and used aluminium body parts and carbon fibre for the bonnet and hatch. But it was no show pony - the car took some two and a half years to design.

So expect more of the same with this new concept car. We say ‘expect', because Audi hasn't actually released any information and remains tight-lipped. But, that Paris Motor Show concept was a very serious effort, so we'd expect this new Quattro to sit on the same RS5 platform, though perhaps a full-size one, and ditch the old concept's 2.5-litre turbocharged five-pot in favour of the all-singing 4-litre V8 as seen in the RS6 and RS7. In this tune, the engine produces some 552bhp and 700Nm of torque.

Oh, and that original concept weighed in at 1300kg, which if carried through for this new concept, would mean a seriously impressive power-to-weight ratio. Oh, and it'll definitely be a four-wheel-drive, what with Quattro being slapped all over the design sketches and all...

We'll have more information as soon as we hear it, but for now, have a click through the design sketches. Just don't spill its pint.

(Words: Vijay Pattni)