Audi TT: Law of Percentages

The remaining 10 per cent comes from something that can’t be sensed or seen. It’s like the origin of the universe. Everybody knows it’s there. But no one can tell you for certain how it got made and what happened before it existed. But you’d kill someone if it meant you were the only guy to know how it all happened.

That’s what makes a car’s remaining 10 per cent the ‘X’ factor. A factor that fits in neither the right nor the left part of your brain. And you’d seriously consider killing someone if it meant you could get away with it and keep his car. For us, the outgoing Audi TT, has been a 40 per cent car. It handled okay, had terrible feel from the steering and the pedals, and over bad roads you get the same feeling Sharad Pawar got when the news channels kept repeating his slap footage over and over again.