Audi TT: Law of Percentages

This refreshed TT is perhaps the peak of what Audi can do with the current platform. While the old car had the noise, this is the car that satisfies the sportscar brief. The engine may have lost that factor that messes with your brains, but it gets full marks for being effective.

But then, think about it. A 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine makes 211bhp and gets a car to 100 in about six seconds. I think they will soon figure out a way to make a four-cylinder engine sound like it’s bent upon taking your life by freezing your blood. Till then, this TT is one of the most economical and affordable sportscars you could get yourself in this country. Sure, it’s lost that engine note, but you still get a 70 per cent car with that ‘X’ factor love thrown in. Couldn’t understand how that figure came up? And you think we don’t know our math.

(Words: Sriram Narayanan, Photos: Himanshu Pandya)