Aventador Mumbai practicality test

Can it go shopping?

That’s not really tough you know… going shopping. It’s everything before and after that is the problem. Getting there, waiting in a queue, searching for a parking slot, fitting the car in it (or handing it over to the valet). Or so we thought when we took it to Palladium in Lower Parel. When we got to the valet, we realised we hadn’t thought this through. We can’t possibly hand over a 700bhp car to a random face to park. And the valets – stunned as they were – thought it safer to tremble than to take the keys and park it. You take some time getting used to the width of this thing. Visibility is decent and you can manoeuvre the car around basement and multi-storey car parks.

It’s great to zoom up steep inclines to get to higher floors. And the entire building resonates with the boom of the V12. What the Aventador can’t be is stuck on a slope behind a car. Getting the car to not roll backwards, to give enough throttle to keep it inching forward but still not so much that you go flying down to the next level is as tricky as handling that loaded question  – “Does this dress look good on me?”

Add the fact that the throttle and brake pedals are set a bit too much to the right – so unless you have those thin-soled driving shoes, piloting this car is difficult. Fitting into a slot is easy. It has a rearview camera so you don’t have to open the scissor doors, put your bum outside and reverse like in the Countach. And because you have those scissor doors, you won’t be hitting the door of the adjacent car when you want to get out of your Lambo. So yes, you can actually take this car shopping. And because of that small boot in the front, you’ll shop for only what’s required. What? We’re giving consumer advice.

(Location courtesy: Palladium, Phoenix Mills, Mumbai)