Aventador Mumbai practicality test

Can it deliver pizza?

There are three things you should never do: Tell a star kid in Bollywood that he/she can’t act, mention in Parliament that it is filled with criminals, murderers and land grabbers, and walk into a decent restaurant anywhere in Italy and ask for pizza. They’ll be rather indignant that you’d even consider a restaurant like theirs would serve the food of the peasants. It’s like asking for bhurji pav at the Taj. But pizza is Italy’s biggest export. Bigger even than shoes, suits and well, supercars.

But with American chains and Mumbai’s Udipis having their own versions, an authentic wood-fired pizza is as rare as the sight of an Aventador on Indian roads. Café Mangii, though, still does it the old, traditional, wood-fired and sumptuous way. But if you’re in south or central Mumbai, it’s a pain to get to Mangii in the northern suburbs. Unless of course, you have an Aventador.

This Lambo just rips down the Eastern Highway going up north. And since you can do a decent 160kph on some stretches, all those blemishes and grooves on the road pose no problem. What does pose a problem is taking delivery. You can’t just go and park next to a restaurant and simply take a box of pizza into an Aventador without causing a flutter. Even Katrina Kaif without clothes in public wouldn’t create such a sensation. But we went through the ordeal, resisted the temptation to bite into some great pizza, treated a good part of Mumbai to some blood-freezing V12 noise only to get stuck in traffic as we entered central Mumbai.

The gearbox loves stop-and-go traffic as much as dogs love the thought of getting neutered. You can see hot vapour emanating from the partly exposed engine bay that houses the V12, and with all those bumps, we were expecting the pepperoni and the cheese to be stuck to the top of the box.

But guess what? It wasn’t. This is something we definitely didn’t expect. Moral of the story? The Lamborghini Aventador is great when it comes to delivering pizza from one end of the city to another. And in good time.

(Pizza courtesy: Café Mangii, Powai, Mumbai)