Aventador Roadster: Stealth Fighter

I was in Macau last year, standing at the top of the tallest tower in the city, with only a thick elastic chord connecting my feet to the ramp I was standing on, 764 feet above the ground. Looking down, I could hear my heart racing at thrice its normal speed.

And then I jumped.

Exhilarating? Hell no, it was scary. It was the sort of scary that I haven’t experienced before or since. Until I got into this raging bull, that is. From the tower, I shot towards the ground, piling on some frightening speed before I could even understand what was happening. It was surreal.

Much like the feeling when I bury the throttle on this Aventador roadster on a sultry, muggy morning on NICE Road in Bangalore. I’m propelled forward with such ferocity that my senses struggle to keep up, and my mind fights hard to make sense of what’s happening around me.