Aventador with Veneno kit rendered

Who can forget the Lamborghini Veneno? Built in honour of the company's 50th anniversary and named after a murderous bull, it was the most perfect example of why we love the mad Italians.

Now, a Lamborghini enthusiast has decided the Aventador coupe's sibling needed a dose of Veneno, and thus toned down the sheer madness of that pointy, Le Mans-esque styling and photoshopped it onto the body of the Roadster, the results of which are quite striking.

Designer Mark Smeyers over at Lambocars.com modified the front section so - should Lamborghini ever decide on a special edition - it could simply replace the standard Aventador front; same story with the side sills, "to make it more cost effective".

The rear gets the full banzai Veneno treatment though - complete with that huge rear diffuser - but he's removed the centre section of the rear wing, as it would make the engine cover difficult to open. How thoughtful. You'll notice the wheels and brakes have been ‘shopped straight from the Veneno, too.

Obviously, IT'S NOT REAL, but should Lambo dress up an Aventador Roadster in a Veneno costume for real? Tell us below. He's also rendered a coupe with this Veneno ‘kit', too. The standard car is no shrinking violet, as we found out when we took part in Lamborghini's very own bull run through Italy, with 349 other Lambos, which you can read by clicking on the link below.

(Words: Vijay Pattni)

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Pics courtesy of Lambocars.com