BAC Mono driven in Death Valley

This is as naked and unplugged as I've ever felt driving anything, without feeling horribly exposed or having my spine gelatinised. The Mono has unusually generous wheel travel, but is somehow always scalpel-sharp. It's not a mega-downforce car; there's no sudden transition between aero and mechanical grip, and one of the most brilliant things about this little car is how amazingly friendly it is whatever the speed or weather. It looks intimidating but is vice-free.

Where next? For me, deeper into Death Valley, towards Furnace Creek, then up, up and away past Zabriskie Point. For BAC, it turns out the lunar landscape is on point: how does a Baja 1000, semi-off-road car sound? Maybe powered by that excellent new 350bhp AMG turbocharged four-pot? It's not as starry-eyed as it sounds.

(Words: Jason Barlow, Pics: Webb Bland)