Battle of the spiders: Ferrari vs McLaren

Alas, life is never that simple. The Ferrari 458 Spider is more nervous, less planted, harder work. But it is also more visceral at slightly lower speeds, noisier and more reactive from the throttle. You pilot a 12C, but you drive a 458. And that's when this argument becomes one of personal preference rather than empirical betterness. In fact, it becomes such a circular session of argument and counterargument, pro versus con, subjective versus objective, that eventually it degenerates into a tar pit of intellectual doom that makes you want to hit yourself in the face with a Sisyphean rock. There's nothing in it, no knockout decider, no coup de grâce. Daddy or chips.

So I'm going to give you the reasoning behind why I'd buy... the Ferrari. Firstly, I think that the last 10 per cent ?of the McLaren's brilliance would only become apparent on a race track. And if I were a track-day botherer with enough cash to splurge on a £200k car, then I suspect I'd want something circuit-specific. Secondly, the Ferrari is simply more flamboyant, from the way it reacts to the throttle to the way it yells and gurgles to the way it looks. It's more ?of an event to drive slowly, better at showing off, less light-under-engineering-bushel, a slightly better Spider.