Behold: the full-size Lego Bugatti Chiron

“There was a lot of silence in the room,” explains Lego’s senior art director Allan Jensen. “It was quite funny, I’ve never seen them like that.” No surprise, really, considering the brick-shaped gauntlet thrown into the Lego Technic engineers’ briefing room back in June 2017: build a Lego Bugatti Chiron. A full-size Lego Chiron. And make it move. It was only after project manager Lukás Horák and his team stopped laughing that they realised this was no joke. Then silence. “These projects, it always starts with laughing, and then the problems come.” So here we are then: just over a year of problems, 13,500 man hours and more than one million Technic bricks later, we’re staring at the most astonishing Lego projects ever created. A full-size, 1.5-tonne ode to Bugatti’s mind-bending Chiron.