Bentley Bentayga: Beyond Comfort

You know one of those mornings when you wake up and look out of your window to see a magical landscape perched on a hill, surrounded by a big, big lake with sunlight putting on a bit of a show in between the clouds. The kind where you can smell the wet earth in the air as a steady drizzle cloaks a hill in the distance.

Well, that is what I am looking out to, except it is from a seat done in soft quilted leather with music wafting through the cabin from an incredible set of Naim speakers while I stare out of the window of a Bentley. And, I got there after a couple of hours of sampling a fine 6-litre, W12 motor with 600 horsepower at the command of my right foot. Yes, that’s right, I just blew your morning out of the water. Quite literally.

But then, I couldn’t just sit there and admire the view all day. There was some driving to be done and I had tall plans of showing the Bentley a bit of muck to try and unsettle it from its aristocratic demeanour. That was the plan till I saw a little thorny bush and decided to go around it instead of stamping it down. Yes, pat on my back green-peace.