Bentley Continental GT V8 S: Open and launch

I'm sitting in Frank Sinatra’s holiday home in Palm Springs, California. Not with him, of course, but it does seem an appropriate setting.

Even 16 years after his death in 1998, and many more decades after he passed his creative peak, his smoky-smooth baritone still stands out from the clutter of electronically-induced sound that passes for music today. Much like Bentley, whose enduring image of exclusivity and upper-end refinement stands out from the clutter of luxury motoring badges trying to outshine each other.

The 95-year old British marque is the automobile of choice when money is no object and exclusivity is. It may not have the design flash of the Italians, or the techno wizardry of the Germans, but purely on pedigree and refinement, it can teach the rest of them a thing or two.