Bentley Flying Spur: Parallel Universe

Bentley has sold a total of 22,000 Flying Spurs since 2005. In the recent past, nearly half that number was bought by the Chinese. Why? Because just like the Indians, the Chinese believe in chauffeur-driven luxury. But unlike Indians, a lot more Chinese are ready to shell out the kind of monies that a Bentley demands. Plus, they have the roads. Only apt then that we drove the new Flying Spur close to the historical symbol of the nation’s immense ability – The Great Wall of China.

It’s not official but Bentley sold around 45 cars in India last year. The majority of them were the four-door variety – so, read that as the Continental Flying Spur and the flagship Mulsanne. Clearly, there is demand worldwide for performance cars that can make a quick trip into the luxury arena and back at the drop of a hat. The last Continental Flying Spur was relatively less luxury, more performance. So it was quick but intentionally, not like a Rolls-Royce. It was still a car you’d rather drive than be driven in. And Bentley has always been about such cars.

But then again, the world is changing and those with money and a penchant for speed also like to be driven in such machines. Yes, the Continental Flying Spur was reasonably successful but with the new Flying Spur, things can hit the roof. You will notice the Continental name has been dropped because the new Flying Spur shares very little with its two-door stablemate. Bentley claims there are 600 all-new parts in this car. The only remnants of the old car are some front console controls, sun visors, grab handles and armrest.