Bentley Flying Spur: Parallel Universe

Typically, the car is still mostly hand-made, with enough wood veneer to cover the floor of a top-level executive’s corner office, and leather that’s more rich and supple now than when it was ‘alive’. But the best part of the cabin is that it can be both, modern and classic at the same time.

The highlight here is the wraparound effect with the wood panel running across the doors and dashboard. It’s like being in a really expensive yacht. The steering wheel is massive, as if to set the tone for everything in the new Flying Spur. There is a natural air of opulence that’s hard to ignore. It doesn’t impart the sense of royalty the way a Mulsanne does but it comes close.

The new Flying Spur has two seating options. Yes, two. So at the rear, you can either get a bench or two reclining individual seats. I am told many Continental Flying Spur owners preferred the bench but for the complete new Flying Spur experience, you have to go captain seats.