Bentley GT Speed W12: The bigger ben

Once again, I have won myself 800,000 in British pounds. Which is way more than the 500,000 I won last month. All I need to do is send my bank account details to and watch as the good people who send me these text messages generously bestow my bank balance with their benevolence.

Now, for obvious reasons, I haven’t actually gotten around to sending them anything. But if anyone were to win an unbelievable lottery, and if they are even remotely into cars, they are very likely to get a Bentley into their garage. Personally, I have never been a fan of the brute boys from Crewe. They make cars that are grand, look ostentatious, are incredibly luxurious and pack quite a wallop for performance. Precisely why I don’t prefer them. I still have a weakness for edge-of-the-seat driving pleasure. The closest you’re going to get to the edge of the seat in a Bentley is, well, when you’re getting out of it.