Bentley GT Speed W12: The bigger ben

So, will this newest, fastest Bentley make it to my dream garage if I win the questionable lottery? It works as an effortless mile-muncher and is also incredibly easy to live with as a daily driver. You can see out of it. You can take quite a bit of luggage in it. And when you pull up at the porch of a fancy hotel, you won’t need to make an inglorious, on-all-fours exit out of this Bentley like you would in those uncompromising sportscars.

But imagine if all of this prowess had to propel something closer to 1800kg than 2300kg – this car would’ve been other-worldly instead of merely phenomenal. Maybe then, I’d consider sending those creepy SMS people my bank account details. At worst, they’ll wipe out my measly bank balance. At best, I’ll end up with a dream garage (with, hopefully, a lighter Bentley).

(Words: Sriram Narayanan)