Best of 2013: The features

If you've been thinking that 2013 has been a pretty uneventful year, this article would probably not change your mind. But we do have some brilliant car and bike features that got super-popular on the interwebs this year. Here are the top five in no particular order.

Yamaha R15 vs Bajaj Pulsar
A match made in... well, nowhere except here actually. This is what you get when you compare a volcano to a tornado, or The Stig to Rajnikanth. The result is pure chaos. And we all love chaos, don't we? Here's a snippet from the full story...

"The Bajaj Pulsar is something of a legend in Indian motorcycling circles. The earlier generations set our market on fire, gave birth to a whole generation of hooligans and paved the way for this, the 200NS which is the most advanced Pulsar yet. Meanwhile, the Yamaha R15 is a Japanese thoroughbred, drawing its inspiration from Yamaha’s hallowed YZF series of motorcycles and it set a new standard of dynamic behaviour when it was launched."

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