Bittersweet symphony

the longer I live, the more I’m convinced that perfection might not exist. Even in the most seemingly perfect things, there are flaws. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because, if it weren’t for the dark, how would we appreciate the light? But right now, I cannot seem to find any darkness. All I can see right now is the tip of the Dorsoduro’s front fender as its front wheel reaches for the sky. Right now, all I can see is perfection. The Dorso has been making me grin since the moment I sat on it. At first, it was the familiar, 450 ergos. It felt exactly like a supermoto should – a dirt bike with street tyres. It had the high fenders, serrated pegs, long, flat seat and wide handlebars to match the genes too. It also felt super slender in the middle – another dirt bike trait. Everything, even the 870mm seat height, felt trail ready. Everything except the kerb weight that stood at over 200kg.