BMW 6 series Gran Coupe: Subtly brutal

Two months ago, we had a go at the 6 series convertible. Frankly, even with all the impracticalities that come with an open-top car, the 6 series was a proper set of touring wheels to have. As a machine, it wasn’t too bad to drive, although it did look a bit dull. But now, the 6 series is cool again. And weirdly enough, it’s the added number of seats and doors that have done the magic.

We drove it in BMW’s backyard, literally. The city of Munich looks like it was built around the factory. The ‘four-cylinder’ HQ building, easily one of its most famous landmarks, has churned out loads of cars, and segments to slot those cars in. And the 6 series Gran Coupe is one such first for it when it comes to a four-door coupe. Obviously, arch-rival Mercedes got to the segment first, ages ago, when it unleashed the CLS. Even Audi is already there, with the A7 Sportback. But this isn’t something you can ignore yet.