BMW 6 series Gran Coupe: Subtly brutal

Case in point is the heads-up display, which now also shows the driver directions from the satnav on the windscreen – it helps to get all the information you need without taking your eyes off the road. Driving around unfamiliar Munich armed with just the in-car satnav and being able to count the number of wrong turns we took with our fingers is good enough for us to pledge our vote for this. BMW should extend this feature to other equally expensive models too.

Unlike the coupe/convertible sold in India, the Gran Coupe will come here with a 3.0-litre twin-turbo diesel. Compared to the 4.4-litre V8 mammoth in the 650i coupe, this is a straight six with 90-odd horses less on tap. But floor the throttle and the power pours out in one clean sweep. Typically, the two turbochargers are on song from the word go and there’s little to hold you back from that quick dash to 100kph – 200kph is no sweat either, the 6 was more than eager to touch the restricted top speed of 250kph on the unrestricted autobahns outside Munich. There’s also that delightful grunt from both engine and exhaust to keep you company at those speeds.