BMW 6 series Gran Coupe: Subtly brutal

BMW has gone for electric power steering, which is known to rob the car of a lot of the ‘feel’ that you get from any BMW. And it has a bit. There are times when the car feels like it’s wafting more than it should. The extra-long bonnet that you need to look over doesn’t help. Still, the steering isn’t ponderous and the car aims sharp when you want it to. One exciting feature is the Integral Active Steering, which not only regulates the amount of steering resistance depending on speed, it also steers the rear wheels over 30kph to help manouevre better. Typically, at speeds below 60kph, it turns the wheel in the direction opposite to the front wheels to reduce turning radius. At higher speeds, it turns in the same direction for a similar quick turn.

The roads of Munich are much like Indian airport runways, so it won’t be fair to talk about ride quality but expect it to be a tad harsher than necessary on our imperfect roads. BMW gives you the option of fitting bigger 18-inch wheels in place of the standard 17. Thankfully, the car gets a new generation of ‘run flat’ tyres. BMW has made the tyre sidewalls more robust, which means the tyres are less prone to punctures.