BMW i3: Electrifyingly yours

When I find somebody on stage saying, “You have to attain resource efficiency through industrial verticals,” I know I am in the wrong place. This is the kind of talk that goes on at our company offsites – and I’ve just wriggled my way out of one of them to be here. Here, in London.

On the banks of the river Thames. For BMW’s global unveil of the i3. I have no idea what attaining resource efficiency through industrial verticals means. So it follows that I have no clue about how you can achieve said efficiency through said verticals. Of course, I could have raised my hand and asked said person to elaborate. Apparently, it wasn’t question and answer time, yet.

The i3 is still under wraps. The only things on display are the silhouette of the car and the passenger shell. The shell looks as if it belongs to a car that has an engine in the front, four people in the middle and some room for luggage in the rear.