BMW i3: Electrifyingly yours


50% - Lower CO2 emissions than an equivalent fossil-fuel-powered car. That’s assuming the electricity is from a green source.

2 - Bath mats – the size of the scrap left behind by the carbon fibre recycling process used to make each i3.

0.0007 - The thickness (mm) of each carbon fibre. It’s produced in a hydroelectric-powered plant in the US.

4 - The number of wind turbines that generate the electricity needed to produce the i3 at the plant in Leipzig, Germany.

70% - Reduction in water consumed to produce the i3.

50% - Reduction in energy consumed to produce the i3.

250Nm - Quite obviously the torque available from 1rpm.

150 - Top speed in kph.

100% - The amount of renewable resources in the i3’s interior. Dashboard from eucalyptus wood, leather tanned from olive leaves.

0 - The number of accessories in the i3 that are fossil-fuel-based. Even the ignition key consists of castor seeds.

168 - Horsepower produced by the engine.

7.9 - Seconds taken to touch 100kph.

i8 - The name of the 2014 i electric from BMW. This one is a sportscar.