BMW M5 up Aamby Valley

There is one big problem with extraordinaryness. If you are subjected to it every single day, if it is as accessible to you as the flick of your thumb, it becomes rather ordinary. If you commute in a yatch every day, or wake up to the sight of a glorious ocean by your window every morning, you will never think of those things as special.

Which is how it is for every one of us at TopGear and the road up to Aamby Valley in Lonavala. It somehow figures in each of TopGear’s 86 issues – either as part of a full-fledged feature or as a tiny little pic in a one-column Drive report.

Thanks to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, it takes just about an hour from Mumbai to get there and it’s our last-minute location to shoot last-minute cars and bikes. In fact, we are so sick of it on our pages, we don’t shoot features there anymore, however last-minute they may be. But that doesn’t rob it of the fact that the 17km road up to this complex of luxury holiday villas is one of the best and most conveniently located piece of jet black tarmac with curves and bends like a carelessly thrown away ribbon.