BMW M5 up Aamby Valley

I hear the old M5 had 11 gear-speed settings. So I shouldn’t complain with the three in this. Nor should I complain about the ride. This car on our roads looks like a recipe for an appointment with the chiropractor… a fancy term for a guy who sets your bones right. Plus, this car had the `4 lakh optional 20-inch low-profile tyres over the standard 19-inch ones. Yet, it keeps the cabin so immune to bumps, it’s as if you just gave it a vaccine shot against potholes. I kid you not. I took my neighbours – a couple with a one-year-old boy -- for a short drive. While the dad, seated in front, had his – and I quote – “soul separated from his body”, his boy at the back was sleeping like a, well, baby.

I am no fan of the massiveness of the new 5-series. It’s just one mighty slab of metal. The M modifications are very subtle. People who know their 5 series wonder if this is some aftermarket mod.