BMW M5 up Aamby Valley

And it’s this sense of indifference that seems to put a veil between you and the simple driving feel that the much less powerful but much more expensive Porsche Panamera or Maserati Quattroporte have in abundance. That rush you feel when you floor the throttle in the M5 is immediately cut short by millions of calculations that are keeping in check those 680 torques and 552 horses flowing to the rear wheels. That rush you feel when you massacre a corner with ruthless ease is immediately cut short by the steering wheel that is constantly altering its intensity to ensure you go through without incident. And what use is such a large steering in such an agile car?

I reckon there’s a lot of fun and tail-out action to be had in this if you switch off traction control. But on that day with that kind of fog around Aamby Valley, I was going to do no such thing. So unless you have an empty track at your disposal, there is always some AI getting between you and the car. With all the improvements the M5 has had in all the time it has been around, does the current one bring with it so much brilliance and so much power that ordinary mortals on ordinary roads can’t be safe without a computer keeping things in check?