BMW M5 up Aamby Valley

Men and women with grand visions of power yearn for immortality. But imagine such a life. You see several billion years, you see Ice Ages come and go. You see the sun burn out and gulp up the solar system. And while everything around you ends, you remain, alive and breathing. But to what end? That’s the kind of car this M5 is.

It’s so ferociously capable, so intrinsically unbeatable, so proudly thorough, it’s gone to the realms of the otherworldly – needing a computer to bring it down to the level of a human. Which is a brilliant thing. But it’s also the only thing that comes between you and some simple fun.

A bit like this road up Aamby Valley. At the foot of this beauty lies Lonavala. It used to be a pretty hill station, but is now overrun by careless architecture, touts who impose entry and pollution charges, indifferent locals and unruly picnickers. But despite all the pitfalls of its approach, you can’t deny the beauty of this road and the questions it has put to the dynamics of several cars in the past. And of this M5.

Rupee for rupee, seat for seat, door for door, boot for boot, you can’t have a better all-round car than the M5. Just that there’s too much computing happening behind the driving.

(Words: Sriram Narayanan, Photos: Nitin Rose)