Bundles of Joy: Honda Navi vs Rajdoot 'Bobby' GTS

The last time a two-wheeler manufacturer put something fun, stirring and bantam up for grabs in the market, things didn’t work out too well. Yes, we’re talking about the Rajdoot GTS, or as it is more affectionately called, the ‘Bobby’.

Okay, so that look on your face implies you’re not too sure what a Bobby actually is. Well, in brief, the Rajdoot GTS is a proper street-legal 175cc pocket bike that was launched in India in the early ’70s by the Escorts group. Yes, the same one that brought us the legendary RD 350 and yes, again, to the ‘GTS’ in the Rajdoot GTS standing for Grand Touring Sports. This was the two-wheeled 911 Carrera GTS of its time. Just kidding, relax. The motorcycle didn’t have a lot of takers, though it briefly did see a spike in sales after actor Rishi Kapoor eloped with Dimple Kapadia on one in the 1973 film Bobby… the movie the motorcycle gets its nickname from. But that was about it. Not many found purpose in an offbeat little pocket bike back then. But with people now favouring more compact vehicles to get around town, having a Bobby doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Words: Christopher Chaves
Photography: Abhishek Shringare