Camaro Z/28 vs BMW M6 vs Nissan GT-R

Zee, not zed. Let's at least get that straight. And while we're at it, Cam-aero, not Cam-ahro. Trying to inflict Brit pronunciations on this particular Chevy (emphatically not a Chevrolet) is like hearing Americans trying to wring their mouths around ‘Buh-keeng-haim Pal-laice'. It just doesn't sit right.

But on what level does the Zee-slash-28 sit right in the UK anyway? It hardly fits alongside the Aveo or Orlando, does it? And, in fact, Chevrolet is soon ending its tenure here and shutting up shop, so the Z/28 isn't here as a brand-building exercise and won't be available except through import channels. No, it's here because TopGear made a fuss.