CanonBall Club: Hit Parade

For the Bangalore drive, participants gathered at the ITC Gardenia hotel. The organisers were delighted to see more than 20 of Bangalore’s most elite automobiles, ranging from massive saloons like the 500bhp supercharged Jaguar XFR to exotic sportscars like the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, roll into the parking lot. Paritosh says, “Bangalore has a lot of high-performance luxury cars. This event is great for this city because people here have never seen a group of cars this magnificent gathered in one place. The reception we’ve got from the car owners in Bangalore has been overwhelming.”

Eventually, the number of participants crossed 30 before flag-off, and the ITC parking lot was swarming with car fanatics and professional snappers – which unsettled the bouncers guarding the expensive machinery and perplexed the hotel valets, who couldn’t tell hotel guests from visitors.