CanonBall Club: Hit Parade

At the drivers’ briefing, CannonBall members were quickly given the driving route as well as general convoy guidelines. The simultaneous firing up of more than 300 cylinders with their superchargers and twin-turbos sent the parking lot full of spectators into a frenzy. As the cars flagged off and headed towards the Electronic City elevated highway, enthusiasts gathered in hordes along the streets to witness the epic convoy of a total of nine Porsches, two Maseratis and an Aston Martin Rapide among others, all led by a stunning all-black Audi R8 V10.

As this savage pack moved forth, the sounds of some of the finest exhaust notes in Europe and Asia echoed through Bangalore’s streets. The participants’ excitement could be heard over the radio through the communication devices given to each driver as they noted pedestrians fumbling for cameraphones at signal lights, pillion riders turned cameramen, and deliverymen on motorcycles trying to keep up with the group as best they could.