Car of the Year: Porsche Cayman S

We hate Porsche for a lot of reasons. We think the Panamera and the Cayenne are among the ugliest cars in the world. We can’t understand why the current 911 has to look exactly like the 911 from 1964. We dislike the fact that its sportscars come with a Sport button. And we find it appalling that it charges you extra for things like rear wipers and coloured badges.

But when you are on the road in any of its cars, you realise how other carmakers have been shortchanging you in the name of compromises that have to be made because of physics and engineering limitations. The Cayenne may be as big as that scam-laden Adarsh Society, but it handles like a housefly. The Panamera lets you lounge at the back without the knowledge that up front, your chauffeur has a brilliant, communicative steering at his disposal. The 911 is the car you will find at the test tracks of nearly all carmakers because they benchmark their under-development cars against the Porsche.

This Cayman is simply the best of what Porsche does. It is quite simply the benchmark that sportscars should look at matching.