Celebrating Audi's seventh anniversary with the A7 and RS7

There is little doubt that the A7 is the best looking Audi, and arguably the best looking German car, that you can lay your hands, or your eyes on today. For those of you humming and hawing, well, save your breath because, a) whatever other car that you have thought of, it is the wrong one; and b) I call the shots. The only car that can put up a fair challenge here, in fact, is another A7 – one which has an ‘Arr’ and an ‘Ess’ in its name. In case you haven’t spelt it out for yourself or guessed from the pictures, it is the RS7 and for those of you who thought about it, to refute my earlier point about the best looking Audi, well, my apologies, smarty pants.

Now that we’ve established that these are the best looking cars out there, let’s move on. The A7, with its ‘Sportback’ design, as Audi call it, is essentially a four-door coupe with the underpinnings of an A6. The result works wonderfully well in just about every sort of situation. While you are pottering around the city, it can carry four in absolute comfort, although headroom for the rear seat passengers is in short supply (read as, make average sized friends to put in the back seat). The ride is plush and in case you come across a particularly large obstacle, say a zebra, you can raise the suspension over its already impressive ride height to make sure you keep the underbelly from scraping any bit off it, leaving the said zebra with all its stripes intact.