Chevrolet Captiva vs Hyundai Santa Fe

The Captiva has a new face but the real work has been done under the hood. In the automatic variant that we’re driving here, you get a new 2.2-litre common rail unit that puts out 187bhp and 424Nm of torque. The Yanks are known to give you a lot of horses, but the Koreans seem to have caught them off guard this time around. The Santa Fe has a similar 2.2-litre common rail motor, but it makes 195bhp and 436Nm of twist. As with the Captiva, the Santa Fe also gets a six-speed torque converter with a manual shifting option.

The Captiva’s engine is refined, with a muted drumming at idle. But push it to the redline and the diesel motor makes it presence felt. On the go, the Chevy has its power spread out quite nicely. There’s no sudden rush of power, but it does move when given the stick. The six-speed slushbox kicks down and works around most of the turbolag. Another thing we like about the gearbox is that it holds on to the gear in manual mode and doesn’t shift until you tell it to. Zero-100kph comes up in 9.64 seconds and top speed is rated at 190kph.