Chevrolet Captiva vs Hyundai Santa Fe

The Santa Fe on the other hand lacks a sunroof, but makes up with B-pillar aircon vents (which are missed in the Captiva). The equipment list is comparable, but there are some items missing on the Captiva, which are there in the Santa Fe. You get keyless entry and go, powered front passenger seat, USB connectivity, ESP, centre-diff lock over and above the Captiva.

The beige interior with wood accents looks good, but not the best in the business. Plastic quality isn’t as good as the Captiva’s and the colours make it feel worse than it really is. And the blue backlit, even on its lowest setting, can be a bit too bright at night.

Both the Captiva and Santa Fe are seven-seaters. The middle row is pretty much the same in both cars. Comfortable enough, but the Santa Fe has a slight edge, with better underthigh support. As for the last row, the Captiva edges out in front. Although nothing to write home about, the Captiva feels less claustrophobic in the rear and you don’t sit with your knees in your mouth like in the Santa Fe. The Santa Fe’s last row also lacks headroom and taller passengers will not be happy. Both cars have no boot to speak of with the third row in place, but if you must measure, the Santa Fe’s is smaller. The Captiva also has a glass hatch that can be opened via the remote.