Chevrolet Captiva vs Hyundai Santa Fe

The Captiva LT AT retails for Rs 31.86 lakh (on-road, Mumbai) while the Santa Fe AT is at Rs 31.10 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). The Captiva may have a new motor, but it’s essentially the same car especially when seen from the side or rear. The Hyundai Santa Fe comes with more equipment and also trumps it on the price card and pretty much seals the Captiva’s fate.

The Captiva has its strengths, with a better interior and a nicer third row. It also has better dynamics overall and we really like it. But as far as the masses are concerned, Hyundai gets more tick marks. It’s a close race, but the Santa Fe finally edges ahead of the Captiva thanks to the better feel-good factor that it gives the buyer with a cheaper price to boot.

(Words: Manish Sarser, Photos: Hashim Badani)