Chevrolet Sail TCDi vs Maruti DZire DDiS

However, it faces its stiffest challenge till date here. The Chevy Sail here uses the exact same 1.3-litre diesel engine that the DZire uses (badged TCDi on the Chevy), negating the DZire’s biggest trump card.

In terms of styling it’s easy to see that both these cars are based on their hatchback versions and retain the same identical faces. While neither will turn heads the Sail has the more balanced silhouette than the DZire. That’s largely due to the fact that Chevy hasn’t designed the car with a measuring tape, which is exactly what Maruti has done. In order to get excise benefits Maruti had to keep the DZire under 4-metres in length and it shows in its stubby rear design. The Chevy is 4.2-metres in comparison, which automatically translates into a bigger boot space for the Chevy. At 370 litres the Sail trumps the DZire’s 316 litres.