Chevrolet Sail U-VA: Just another match

Before I get to the car, trivial as it may sound, let me have a go at the name Sail U-VA. It looks like a rehash of names of other cars for some sort of effect that I don't really get. Recall the Aveo U-VA and the erstwhile Opel Corsa Sail? They weren’t exactly cars that would set the pulse racing nor did they set the sales charts on fire. So, why would you want to name a new car after them?

Whatever logic came up in favour of that name seems to have also worked on the design. Sure, Indian roads aren’t brimming with automotive beauties, but after radical designs like the Beat and the Cruze, the Sail U-VA seems hell bent on undoing a bold design language that Chevy so flamboyantly has been carrying around in the recent past.

It’s not revolting, but in life, when you want a bout of inspiration, or you're within sight of an unachievable dream, just look at your car. This design doesn't get anything going. It seems to have been penned by a committee that said: “Look guys, we have to make this car. There’s no escape. So let’s just get it over with.”