Chevrolet Sail U-VA: Just another match

The Sail U-VA – this is getting to be a pain to type all the time – is the first bundle of joy for GM after its tie-up with SAIC of China. The problem is, there isn’t much joy in this bundle. At the end of it, the Sail U-VA (my fingers are hurting now) is a no-nonsense car. It rides well, has a strong engine, is spacious and packed with lots of features… auto locking, dual airbags, ABS, USB port. But its design looks like it’s given up on life and couldn’t care less. As does the interior. As does the dull, just-get-the-job-done steering wheel.

Sure, I completely understand the appeal of a no-nonsense car. But is this what GM wants to follow up with after spirited, effervescent cars like the Beat and the Cruze? And if all you want is a spacious no-nonsense car, you’d still be better off with a Ford Figo or a Maruti Ritz.