Chevrolet Sail U-VA: Just another match

The thing is, Chevrolet isn’t a Maruti or a Toyota, whose customers book their cars even before they've seen them. It’s a badge that still isn’t the obvious first choice when it comes to a buying decision for the value-obsessed small car Indian buyer. To get people to showrooms, GM needs bold cars with confident design, cars that will make people abandon their first and second choices and consider a Chevy. What it has instead is a confusingly named car that seems to have been designed and built by a committee. Like those 'learned' men sitting on our cricket boards who go about planning the calendar for the year.

There’s plenty of cricket all year round, but that big one will come only once in four years. The Sail U-VA is that kind of car. It is more a practical package designed with the sole purpose of being an everyday runabout than the kind of inspirational machinery we've come to expect of late from GM. We hope there's not another four-year wait for it.

(Words: Sriram Narayanan  Photos: Nitin Rose)