Chris Harris drives the Porsche 919 Hybrid

The simulator session didn’t go well. Two laps into my virtual run around Spain’s best-kept secret, also known as Aragon race track, I felt unwell. Sickness is apparently a common problem in the world of virtual testing, and my guts gave imminent warning that I was about to blow chunks where Webber, Montoya, Bernhard and Lieb had all sat, and, come to think of it, probably chundered themselves.

I have never before been invited to drive a car where a pre-test sim session was obligatory. But then, the Porsche 919 – the Le Mans-winning Porsche 919 – is arguably the most complicated motor car ever made, and that, combined with its staggering speed, probably entitles Porsche to send people like me to school for the day. And it was some day. The steering-wheel-controls briefing lasted over an hour.

The emergency lecture was worryingly lengthy too. After some barf-free laps in the mainframe, I flew back from Porsche Motorsport’s now largely empty premises daunted by what lay ahead.