Comparison: Volvo XC60 vs Audi Q5 vs Mercedes-Benz GLC

Be different. Think outside the box. Go beyond boundaries. Push the limits. These are not just little quotations that you see printed on the walls of nearly every working space these days. Before these phrases attained mass-produced-mass-consumed popularity, entrepreneurs (back when the term actually meant something) would actually look upon these as codes to live life and achieve success by.

I am sure, when it comes to car companies, most would have their own set of rules and they all aim for different results. The important thing then is the end result and who it would cater to. So, here we have three SUVs – Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Volvo XC60 – with vastly different DNA but all competing in the same segment. The Volvo XC60, Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC. What we aim to do here is find out which SUV suits which buyer best. Because while the Volvo may be the only car to offer massaging seats, for some of you, the Audi’s well-rounded ride could be more desirable; yet others could find the Merc’s styling irresistibly attractive.

So, the plan was to drive down to Rajasthan from Delhi. Down the truck-laden, dusty highways where temperatures in March would still be a manageable 30 degrees.
Let’s start with first impressions – the thoughts that raced through my head as I walked up to each of the cars.