Comparo: Suzuki Dzire vs Tata Tigor vs Hyundai Xcent

There was a time when compact sedans were just hatchbacks with a boot stitched on. Nobody really cared about how good they looked or how feature packed they were. The whole exercise was a matter of convenience rather than a serious segment. Want more space than a hatchback but don’t want to shell out as much money? Well, here you go – compact sedan. But that’s a thing of the past. The consumer has grown to become more demanding of the compact sedan and naturally the manufacturers had to take notice. I mean, have you seen the sheer number of these things out on the road. They’d have to be insane not to take notice!

Whatever the case, this segment has seen immense growth and the cars themselves are now feature packed and engineered specifically to meet the demands of these very demanding consumers. This year, especially, has seen some serious action in the segment. Two of the strongest contenders have been revamped and a new competitor has entered too. Naturally, we had to take them all out and figure out which one was the best of the lot. So that’s what we did. We took the Suzuki Dzire, the Tata Tigor and the Hyundai Xcent out to get to the bottom of this.

Words: Ashok George | Photographs: Rajeev Gaikwad