Convertible woody Cayenne revealed

Fresh from buzz-cutting a Range Rover Autobiography, Newport Convertible Engineering's been at it again, this time both scalping and adding flashes of wood to a first-gen Porsche Cayenne.

Why, you may quite rightly ask? Well, the firm secured 47 orders for the Range Rover, so it seems apposite to expand its range of rag-top SUVs to include something with a touch more sporting intent.

NCE spokesperson, Al Hanson, says "Our chief Engineer has over 30 years of experience designing all types of convertible vehicles that makes him the foremost expert in the field. Before cutting a roof on any vehicle, first we will design a structural body that will keep the integrity and rigidity of the car intact as a convertible vehicle.

"All original safety features of automobiles stay intact as it was originally.? Engineering a coupe, sedan, SUV, Limo, or any vehicle to convertible is highly technical, complicated, and very challenging.?"

Which is all very well. But what would you woodify and convert to convertible? Click on to see more of NCE's drop-top Cayenne...