Crossing Kazakhstan in the new VW Touareg

As I sit in the departure lounge having been in the country for less than 24 hours, I’ve not even made a pin-prick of a dent in the mileage of Rainer’s big adventure. But I have a new appreciation for the scale of his expeditions. As for the car, well I’m slightly mind blown at how the current crop of SUVs can make such a slog feel so sophisticated and comfortable. Although Rainer hasn’t had it happen to him yet, if something goes wrong or an ECU gets dizzy and goes kaput in South Sudan or somewhere, it’ll be a lot harder to fix than an old Landie.

But it’s never been less demanding to do big miles wherever you are in the world. So go out there and do a big drive. Untangle the knots in your brain and open your eyes to the world around you. Just be a bit more adventurous with the menu than salad, steak and strudel. And don’t say the fateful phrase ‘are we nearly there yet?’