Datsun Redi-Go: Into the Clouds

The final frontier, they call it. The land of the unexplored and the unknown, they say. The land that first sees the rays of the sun in the country. A place so neatly tucked into the mountainside that every road you take is a winding one. A state so isolated that our friendly neighbours imagined no one would notice if they kept marking parts of it as their own. These are things that describe Arunachal Pradesh at the best of times. Think driving to the easternmost reaches of the state, in the middle of one of the heaviest monsoons they have seen, in a car that can possibly fit into your cupboard, and you’d probably think it’s a bit insane.

But that’s just as audacious a move as Datsun has made with its latest car – the redi-GO. It is hoping for a proper David and Goliath match and has made it amply clear which Goliath it has set its sights on – the Maruti Alto. We, of course, had to come up with a fitting challenge for it. A three-and-half-thousand-kilometre road trip in a car that is not even three-and-half metres long sounded just about right. After all, Datsun has chosen the grittiest end of the market to try and make a name for itself after the frankly feeble response its earlier cars received.

Words: Debabrata Sarkar | Photographs: Himanshu Pandya