Deals of the month

Sure, the Union budget didn’t help your cause of upgrading to that new car. But dealers tell us that right now is the best time to get that bargain before the Union Budget proposals come into effect. So, we’ve done some mystery shopping for you and here are the results - the top deals on offer right now.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
Save up to Rs 40,000

About six months ago, even asking for a free floormat on the Ertiga would have gotten you a severe reprimand at a Maruti dealership, thanks to its long waiting period and high demand. But now, it looks like Maruti is struggling to move Ertigas out of showrooms.

The petrol version gets a cash discount of Rs 15,000 while the diesel gets Rs 20,000 off. You also get Rs 20,000 exchange bonus if you decide to get your current car exchanged at the dealership. If you push a bit harder, some dealers will also offer an additional Rs 5,000 cash discount just to sweeten the deal.