Discounted December: The best year-end deals


The VW Jetta petrol, with the excellent 1.4 TSi motor that recently won our Engine of the Year award, is now available with free insurance worth Rs 70,000 and an exchange bonus of Rs 30,000, with a corporate discount of Rs 25,000 thrown in to sweeten the deal that extra bit. The same discount applies to the diesel automatic too which we think makes for an excellent buy now.

The Passat, which hasn't quite set the market alight, is going with a huge Rs 2 lakh cash discount on the manual as well as automatic versions along with a corporate discount of Rs 50,000, which adds up to a total reduction of Rs 2.5 lakh off the Passat's on-road price. Confused? No, tempted is more the sort of adjective you are looking for.