Discounted December: The best year-end deals


Volvo really doesn't have much to worry about. The XC60 is doing decent numbers, but the talented S60 doesn't perform as well as it should. To give it a shot in the arm, Volvo is now offering free insurance on all variants of the S60, which in monetary terms helps you save almost Rs 1 lakh on the top-spec versions. Not too shabby, actually.

Understandably, depending on how much of a haggler you are, you could beat a dealer down to an even higher discount, along with some freebies. The point being, if you are the sort that waits for a massive discount to come by, this is the right time to drop by at the showroom, for you might just end up signing on the dotted line for that car you've been eyeing for so long.

(Words: Amaan Ahmed)